Standard equipment

Interior: Stainless steel, material 1.4301 (ASTM 304) with all-round
deep-drawn ribs to integrate the large-area heating with
ceramic-metal sheath
Internals: Stainless steel grids
(size 30 and 55: 1, size 75 to 750: 2)
Housing: Textured stainless steel, rear zinc-plated steel, intuitively
operated SingleDISPLAY or TwinDISPLAY with Multi-Touch-
screen; fully insulated stainless steel door
(from size 450 two leaves )
Fresh air: Admixture of pre-heated fresh air by electronically
adjusted airflap
Connection: Mains cable with plug
Installation: 4 feet; size 450 and 750 on lockable castors