• Research Microscope With Screen


research stereo microscope
1.Zoom ratio:1:7
2.Objective zoom range:0.65X-4.5X
3.Eyepiece:10X eyepiece
4.Working distance:95m

LCD screen digital research stereo microscope

Standard configurations
Zoom ratio:1:7
Objective zoom range:0.65X-4.5X
Eyepiece:10X eyepiece
Working distance:95mm
Interpupillary distance adjustment range:55mm-75mm
Binocular head:inclination of 45
Diopter adjustment:±5 diopter
Optical body rotation:360

  • Inverted microscope

The Eclipse Ti-U inverted research microscope from Nikon is our universal model that can be configured for use with additional motorised components allowing you to build up a microscope to meet many of today’s demanding microscopy techniques. The Ti-U comes in a choice of two models with a standard three port model or expanded four port model which gives you access to a bottom port when your application demands you capture every single photon. The Eclipse Ti-U uses Nikon’s world-famous CFI60 optical system and a wide choice of objectives for bright field, dark field, fluorescence, phase contrast, DIC and modulation contrast microscopy techniques.